Google Drive integrations

Tambahkan fungsi dan fitur baru pada akun Bitrix24 Anda. Instal aplikasi yang telah siap dari Lokapasar.

Cuplikan layar
Google Drive is used in one way or another by 90% of companies. This plugin will help to simplify your work. Connect corporate folders and give access to the right employees.

Key features:
  • Viewing the content of Google Drive in Bitrix24;
  • Embedding of a specific folder in the right place (For example, agreements can be embedded in the CRM Transaction);
  • Setting up access (Shared folder, available only to admins or specific employees);
Pleasant trifles:
  • Each employee can add his own folder and configure access to it;
  • Setting up sorting;
  • Adjusting the height of the disk window;
  • Checking the token before adding a folder;
  • 6 building places;
  • There are no limits on the number of connected files.

30 days free! Then $ 5 per month.

Versi 1
Integrate Google Drive to view folders and files in the Bitrix24 interface. Flexible settings for access and display. There are no connection limits!

Implementation support and assistance -
Ideas and improvements -
  1. Install the plugin;
  2. In Google Drive, copy the secret token for the folder and give the necessary permissions (so that the employee can see the files in the folder);
  3. In the Bitrix24 module, create an integration using the secret folder token, give access to employees;
  4. Embed in the necessary sections (CRM, Tasks, profiles, etc.) or in the menu.