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Push the Limits: Bitrix24 Release Presentation

Push the Limits: Bitrix24 Release Presentation
Bitrix24 Team
September 23, 2020
Terakhir diperbarui: Oktober 13, 2020
Surviving – and thriving – in times of uncertainty and turmoil requires adopting a certain mindset. One that will, to the maximum extent possible, make you and your business antifragile.
So, who better than the best-selling author of ‘The Black Swan’ and ‘Antifragile’, Dr. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, to shed some light on new ways of thinking?

We’re excited to let you know that we’ll be interviewing Dr. Taleb as part of our release presentation. Join us on October 23rd, when we’ll be diving deep into the most pressing issues of today, including: 

  • Surviving (and foreseeing) future epidemics and pandemics
  • Public safety vs. personal freedom
  • Fake news and how it affects businesses
  • The future of remote work
  • …and more
Sometimes, pushing the limits means seeing things in a new light. In this release, we hope to expand your perspectives.
See you there!

Always on your side,
Bitrix24 Team
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