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This application allows you to integrate Bitrix24 with ASPSMS to send and receive SMS from your clients.

1. This application allows you to send and receive SMS from Lead, Deal, Contact and Company card;
2. Outgoing SMS is sent to your client as SMS. Incoming SMS come as comment in Lead, Deal, Contact or Company;
3. You may test the app for free for 50 SMS;
4. After 50 SMS you will be charged for 10$ per month.

Video presentation of that application below:

Versi 1
Using ASPSMS you may send and receive SMS from Bitrix24.

If you got a problem with installation or any other issues,
please Send a message directly from your Bitrix24:
Installation procedure:

1. Create account in;
2. Buy a number from ASPSMS;
3. Install our app ASPSMS in your Bitrix24;
4. On first page of ASPSMS application you have to enter ASPSMS api Userkey and ASPSMS Password;
5. To get ASPSMS api Userkey go to your account in and then go to API Credentials;
6. Copy from that page Userkey and API Password;
7. Then past copied credentials in ASPSMS (Bitrix24 Application);
8. Then click Install;
9. Copy phone number you purchased in ASPSMS account and past it in field "ASPSMS phone number for ALL users";
10. If you got more numbers than one, then you may copy other numbers from ASPSMS account and assign certain users for that number ASPSMS (Bitrix24 Application);
11. Copy generated link in field "Your forward SMS URL is" in ASPSMS (Bitrix24 Application);
12. Go back account in ASPSMS to this page and click edit in mobile number;
13. Scroll down and past copied link in field "Forward SMS by HTTP GET Request" URL;
14. Go back to ASPSMS (Bitrix24 Application) and click Save;
15. Done! Now you may use ASPSMS for outgoing and incoming SMS.

Video how to do installation here: